In just over a quarter century, RRS and Company has become a market leading Southwest real estate investment sponsor and development company. Here are a few of the milestones in RRS and Company’s history:


RRS & Company through the Pathfinder Total Return Fund completes the acquisition of over 130 real estate assets and sub-performing/non-performing loans located primarily in Maricopa County, Arizona.


RRS & Company launches the Pathfinder Total Return Fund targeting real estate assets and sub-performing/non-performing loans located in the Southwestern United States.


RRS & Company co-sponsors the acquisition of and acts as lead equity investor in First Scottsdale Bank (formerly First National Bank of Scottsdale), a nationally chartered community bank located in Scottsdale, AZ.

RRS & Company re-enters the private lending business.


RRS & Company starts development of its proprietary real estate software platform. This software enables RRS & Company to identify, track, monitor, and value properties throughout the Southwest providing critical decision support data for transactions.


RRS & Company exits 95% of its real estate portfolio, retaining strategic properties related to operating businesses held by firm principals.


RRS and Company ends its merchant development program and begins disposition of its property portfolio.


Recognizing changing market conditions, RRS & Company exits the private lending business to focus on merchant development purchases.


R. Randy Stolworthy of RRS & Company, as President and CEO, launches Bridge Financial Corporation through NZ Corporation as a pension fund advisor and direct lender providing real estate acquisition and construction financing in Arizona and Southern California.


RRS & Company completes acquisition of its initial real estate portfolio as the duties of the RTC are transferred to the Savings Association Insurance Fund ("SAIF") administered by the FDIC.


RRS & Company is founded in Tempe, AZ by R. Randy Stolworthy to invest in real estate assets offered by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and related entities.


As President and co-founder of Voicelink, Randy helped build a credit collection, marketing service, and software company using proprietary software. In 1991, Voicelink Data Services of Redmond, Washington merged with Digital Systems International and the combined company went public.


R. Randy Stolworthy serves as General Partner and Manager of the Seattle office of FBS Venture Capital Company. In 1987, Randy leaves FBS to co-found Voicelink Data Services in Redmond, WA.