Firm Profile

Since 1991, RRS & Company and the various Pathfinder entities have been a market leading sponsor of real estate investments and real estate development throughout the Southwest. During our 25 years of operations in Arizona, our conservative investment philosophy and disciplined investment process has generated extraordinary returns for our investors.

The strength of our organization relies on our local market presence and knowledge, sector expertise, proprietary database and transactional specialization. Our value creation is driven by our management team who leverage their successful investment and operating experience to identify, underwrite, structure, and manage superior investments and development opportunities throughout the Southwest.

Ultimately, we’re driven by our strong sense of values. We form close partnerships with our investors, tenants, joint venture partners and strategic partners. We build strong long lasting relationships based on integrity, trust, and mutual respect. With substantial capital to invest we are in an excellent position to act on the opportunities that lie ahead for the benefit of our investors.